Cold Cryogenic Mask (All Skin Type):
Algae, cryogenic complex with Menthol, Spirulina 2%. This mask has a refreshing and cooling effect after glycolic Peel, microdermabrasion or laser treatment. The Spirulina stimulates the cell vitality allowing an increase of the renewal of the firming tissues and giving an instantaneous tonic and refreshing feeling.

​Collagen Mask (Mature Skin    
Rice, Marine Collagen, Marine elastine,  Rose Essential Oil. This mask brings a new life to the epidermal layer showing signs of aging and lacking moisture balance. Improve the skin's moisture content through direct skin contact, providing a short occlusive effect which results in the stimulation of the capillary blood circulation, leaving the skin fresher. Their water-binding capacity significantly increases the skin elasticity and firmness and counteracts the formation of the wrinkles.

French Wine Exotic Mask (All Skin Type):
Algae,Anise, Clacium Sulfate, Sodium Phosphate, Grape Marc, and Red Saur, Species. This spiced and exotic mask containing pure Grape Marc and Anise which are very aromatic, evoke the magic fragrances of atmosphere. They give a relaxation and major well-being. The disinfectant and bactericide virtues of eugnol contained in essential oils of clove are scientifically proved. They ensure a purifying care of normal and mix skin.

Exfoliating Papaya Mask (Oily to Acne):
Algae Dried extract of Papaya, renewing cell factor. Papaya fruits contain Papain, a proteolytic enzyme that digests the bounding proteins of the dead cells located in the upper layers of the stratum corneum. This mask also provides a regenerating factor promoting the turnover of the skin cells. It encourages Arginine and Proline synthesus, two amino acids known for activating the cell renewing.

​​Collagen Eye Mask (All Skin Type):
Algae, Marine collagen, Solum Prunuw armeniaca (apricot) Seed powder. Rice powder and alginate work together in synergy to make a very soft film binding the cells together and strengthening the skin's function as a barrier. This mask also has Anti-puffiness action; marine collagen smoothes wrinkles, tighten the skin around and reduce puffiness.

​Anti-Stress & Relaxing Lavender Mask (All Skin Type):
Algae, Lavender, Rosemary, Flowers, Essential Oil. Your skin will not only receive a treatment but your whole body will be impregnated by a sensation of relax and aromatic feeling. Lavender possesses a clean, pure aroma. And like an adaptogen, it encourages balance for the entire nervous system. The Rosemary extract has antioxidant properties. It also has anti-microbial, bacterial and fungal activities.

​Vitamin C Mask (All Skin Type):
Algae, Calcium, Acerola cherry, Vitamin C, Vitamin PR A. This mask has a free radical scavenger. Vitamin C is known for its action against oxygenated radical species which initiate reactions causing irremediable damage to cell components. It inhibits their actions by intercepting them away, and has a renewing action involved in the synthesis of collagen.

​Ginseng Lifting Mask (All Skin Type):
Algae, Ginseng, Spirulina, Acid Amino, Vitamin C and A & E. Ginseng has been used by the traditional Chinese and Korean medicine since years for its stimulating action. The ginsenosides help the renewal process of skin cells. Spirulina is a microscopic blue algae. It is very rich in amino acids vitamin A & E which stimulates the skin metabolism and tone the skin.

​Love Energy Mask (All Skin Type)
Energy Mask contains moisture-binding properties that help prevent moisture loss, keeping skin firm, smooth and supple. It is stimulating and ideally suited for individuals who have under-active skin functions, dry congested skin, dull looking complexion. This mask will be stimulating for individuals with highly sensitive and over-reactive skin conditions. characteristics of the mask brings about better circulation to the face and also makes the skin glow.

​Chocolate Rejuvenating Mask (All Skin Type):
Algae, Cocoa, Sodium, Spirulina, Acid Amino Vitamin A, Vitamin E.
The polyphenois and vitamin A are powerful antioxidants that neutralize free radicals and slow the effects of aging. The tannis, due to its astringent and tonic properties, brings back firmness to the epidermis. In addition, cocoa has moisturizing properties that are essential for preventing wrinkle formation. The skin's protective film is reconstituted, and its glow is restored.

​​Cranberry Mask (All Skin Type)
Fruit acids get between the corneocytes and space them out ofone another and prove to be quite effective in the removal of the dead cells thanks to their gentle exfoliating property. The regular elimination of the dead cells plays a significant role in the cell renewal process to create a new smooth epidermis. The added capability of the fruit acids moisturize the skin making it look fresher and more supple. As a result fine lines and wrinkles tend to vanish. Imperfections and brown spots fade away over time and the complexion gets radiant. Wheat ceramides having a strong water-binding capacity provide smoothness to the skin. The reduced thickness of the epidermal layer make its surface more receptive to skin care treatments and increases the effectiveness of ingredients.

​Green Tea Mask (All Skin Type)
Green Tea helps suppress inflammation and irritation and provide potent free radical protection and damage control from any irritants that do come into contact with skin. Energizing invigorating and uplifting it captures the restorative powers of Green Tea to bring you this unique sensory treat. In addition to the effects of Green Tea it also purifies and eliminates impurities and in addition absorbs excess sebum, leaving the skin fresh, clean and moisturized.

Aloe Vera Super Hydrating Mask(Dry Skin):
Algae Clacium Sulfate, Aloe Barbadensis Leaf extract Aloe Vera, Vitamins A,E & B. Aloe Vera encourages cell regeneration by providing essential amino acids, mineral salts, vitamins (A, E and B) and polysaccharides, elements which are all essential elements for the skin. Its composition provides excellent super hydrating powers. It is an excellent nutrient for the skin.

​Coffee Espresso Mask (All Skin Type):
Algae, Coffee, Solum Diatomeae, Sodium Phosphate, Vitamin A,D,K. The presence of Theo bromine and polyphenols in Green Coffee provide this treatment its softening, toning and anti-oxidant  properties. Caffeine, which is xanthic based, helps redesign and refine the facial contours. This mask provides a complete treatment thanks to all these properties.

​Pumpkin Mask (All Skin Type)
pumpkin is a rich source of antioxidants and enzymes that act like Alpha-Hydroxy Acids. Alpha-Hydroxy Acids have been to promote smoother younger looking skin by increasing the rate Of cell renewal. pumpkin also contains more than 100 beneficial nutrients which may be used to help reverse the signs of aging.Pumpkin Mask (All Skin Type)

pumpkin is a rich source of antioxidants and enzymes that act like Alpha-Hydroxy Acids. Alpha-Hydroxy Acids have been to promote smoother younger looking skin by increasing the rate Of cell renewal. pumpkin also contains more than 100 beneficial nutrients which may be used to help reverse the signs of aging

​Botox-like Mask (All Skin Type)
The light and soft texture of Botox-like Mask soothes and relaxes your face. From marine origin is extracted from green seaweed particularly rich in trace-elements (Magnesium and Potassium) and known for their soothing and moisturizing properties. In particular, will intrude into the releasing and the fixation of the cutaneous neuro-mediators which are : substance P, CGRP, Acetylcholine with, as result, a reduction of the contractions and a cellular relaxation. Moreover it will induce a re-plumping effect by a Collagen Ill stimulation and an in-depth moisturizing effect by a GAG (Glycosaminoglycans ) and PG (Proteoglycans ) increase. Its stimulating properties on the integrins, real cell-adhesion molecules provide firmness to the skin Lastly it goes to work as a real antioxidant and anti free-radical agent to slow down the natural ageing process and prevent moisture loss.

​ Purifying Mask (Oily Skin):
Algae-Marine mud essential oil of Neroli. It rebalances the skin by removing the impurities and the excess of sebum. The complexion is lightened. Marine mud absorbs impurities and the excess sebaceous secretions.

​Tea tree Oil & Pink Clay Mask (Oily to Sensitive):
Algae, sodium Phosphate, Kaolinite, Melaluca alternifolia Oil, Tea Tree Oil. Essential tea tree oil has antiseptic properties used to treat skin problems. Pink Clay is absorbent, soothing and non allergenic. Thanks to its high micro-nutrient content, it provides the minerals and oligo-elements required for good health and shiny skin. The Pink Clay and essential Tea Tree Oil enable sensitive and reactive skin types to enjoy a mild, cleansing treatment.

​Sensitive Mask (Allergic and Redness Skin):
Algae, vaccinium myrtillus seed oil , Chamomile, Vitamin C. It gives Calming effects in case of irritation. Anti-couperose activity Anthocyanocides contained in the BiIberry extract are known to stimulate peripheral blood circulation and to strengthen the capillary blood vessel structure. Calming Action Azulene is an anti-inflammatory and calming ingredient extracted from the essential oil of Chamomile.

​Arbutin Whitening Mask (All Skin Type):
Algae Arbutin, Blackberry, Saxifrage. In case of Hyper pigmentation, appearance of brown spots, the plants used in this whitening mask have lightening properties because of its inhibitor effect on the arbutin activity. The vitamin C and scutellaire extract present in this mask act as free radical scavengers and anti oxidant

Caviar Bio-Complex Mask (All Skin Type)
This Caviar Bio-Complexes transforms the skin firms it, give it a satin-look and replaces the tired skin of moments ago. This mask will give the skin a gift of energy and moisture. This unique combination of bio-stimulators vitamins A, D, BI, B2.B6 micro-elements and amino acids assures luxurious care for your face. Those ingredients intensify the processes inside the skin cells and at the same time slow down the aging process by moisturizing. Caviar Extracts (or Roe Extract) are a source of vitamins, nucleic acids phospholipids and proteins. They are in themselves a source of marine DNA a key element to skin cell regeneration. Products with a marine DNA base are basically hydrators. A light moisture-retaining film protects the skin against external effects such as UV radiation the climate, dehydration and pollution. This protection fosters the reduction of superficial lines and wrinkles thereby improving the skin's appearance.

Pollution Control Mask (All Skin Type) [Apple Extract]
The apple extract contains vitamin C that restores glow to the skin. Apple polyphenols are currently considered to be the most efficient ingredients to combat free radicals. They reinforce microcirculation, protect elastin and collagen fibers and prevent the hyaluronic acid from being destroyed. The skin is given a new lease of life. Whenever the system of defense of the skin is at risk that it is overtaken by odds in its capacity to resist adverse factors the skin unfailingly gets dull and is gradually losing its radiance. The whole of the skin balance has to maintained with the support of highly specific ingredients to relaunch the natural defensive functions of the skin to give it a boost to enjoy again its glow.

​Seaweed Mask (Combination and Oily skin):
Algae, Dead Sea Salts, Dead Sea Mud, Cooling Agent, Tea tree Essential oil & Lemon. Used for its antiseptic and anti-bacterial properties; also aids in healing and soothing of the skin. Citrus Limon is used for its antiseptic and astringent properties as well as its detoxifying effects. It also great for blemishes associated with oily skin. Lemon oil also has rejuvenating properties and will brighten dull skin.

Cucumber Mask (All Skin Type)
As cucumber and the skin share the same level of hydrogen it becomes easier for cucumber to mask all the problem areas. It helps in soothing and softening your skin which can get you relaxed in no time. With so many useful ingredients in cucumber it can help you in treating many skin problems. Due to its cooling effect it can be termed as a magic wand for all your skin problems. The cleaning and cleansing property helps your skin tremendously making it soft and supple.


Algae clay peel off mask that restores the water balance with a grand content of moisturizing substances.  Due to the pressure that it exercises, it is favorable for the penetration of the principal actives placed on the surface of the skin. It is suitable for all types of skin. Its action is smoothing and refreshing. This mask lowers the temperature of your skin by up to 6-9ºC, providing a draining effect reducing puffiness and dark circles under the eyes.

SkinScriptRX Peels

The Hydra Bright Facial  maximizes hydration and adds oxygen to plump tissues and brighten appearances. It incorporates D20 Solution, an infusion of botanical extracts blended with deuterium oxide (“heavy water”) for intense moisture. The oxygen cream is a skin brightening cream with multiple actives. Peroxide accelerates vitamin A and glycolic acid which provide water and oxygen at the cellular level. This cream acts as a delivery agent for vitamin serums and creates an immediate skin lifting and visible glow.  The oxygen serum uses silk amino acids and squalane to create a satiny finish. The serum also provides a super hydrated and oxygenated environment to plump tissue and fill lines and wrinkles.  This combination provides measurable & immediate visible results for almost any skin type. 

The Mandelic Peel features mandelic acid, an alpha hydroxy acid, with a large molecule proven to control blemishes and reduce pigment. Safe for all skin types, mandelic acid has anti-bacterial properties to effectively manage breakouts. The Refine & Clear protocol will increase cell turnover, promote the release of comedones and reduce sebum production creating a brighter, smoother complexion without irritation.

Precision Peel a highly effective and non-irritating protocol incorporates glycolic acid and retinyl (vitamin A) enzyme for enhanced rejuvenation that can be used  independently or prior to microdermabrasion. Precision Peel® exfoliates the irregular dead skin cells, promotes cell renewal, stimulates circulation, and promotes the growth of healthy, plump new cells. It will minimize the appearance of fine lines, scars, acne, environmental damage,  lightens pigmentation and evens skin tones.  This combination of powerful ingredients will provide measurable results for almost any skin type.

The Pore Perfect Peel salicylic acid, a medium strength 30% lipophilic BHA acid. It dissolves the sebum in the skin that can lead to breakouts. Salicylic’s unique ability to penetrate the hair follicle allows it to clear pores at a deeper level. It is known to have anti-inflammatory and anti-microbial properties, making it the clear choice for improving blemish and breakout prone skin. Pentavitin adds moisture to keep skin hydrated and balanced. The Pore Perfect Peel will reduce breakouts and oily skin, refine skin texture, calm irritation and keep skin hydrated.  This combination of powerful ingredients delivers immediate results for clearer, smoother, more even skin.

Peel Off Algae Clay Masks

Dermamed Solutions Peels

 Raspberry Peach Enzyme For all skin types. is packed with antioxidants for a great anti-aging facial for all skin types.  It will create a healthy glow to the skin (due to all the antioxidants); the exfoliators include hibiscus flower (flower power is a gentle alternative to AHAs) and 3% pumpkin to soften and exfoliate the skin.

15% Pumpkin-Orange for resilient skin (not for rosacea or sensitive skin). Packed with Vitamins A and C, this enzyme will exfoliate and reduce oil while your client enjoys the wonderful smell of pumpkin and orange.  A 15% pumpkin concentration, it dissolves dead skin while orange provides a beautiful glow to the skin.

Pomegranate for normal to oily skin with irregular pigmentation.  Pomegranate nourishes and hydrates the skin while antioxidants bring the skin to life giving it a healthy, radiant glow. It soothes wrinkles and lines due to dry skin.  Skin will appear more supple and feel smoother and softer.

​Lemon Zest for normal to dry skin with irregular pigmentation.  Exfoliate and brighten the skin with the antioxidant and brightening benefits of Lemon.  Contains 8% arbutin, 6% lactic acid, 3% glycolic acid, and 2% kojic.  Perfect for normal and dry skin. 

​Grape antioxidants feed our skin cells to create glowing, radiant skin. The sweet-smelling Grape Enzyme in this protocol looks and feels just like the inside of a grape. Grapes are rich in antioxidant polyphenols and offer anti-aging preventative benefits, while papain offers mild exfoliation.  The Grape Enzyme contains only gentle enzymes so it is perfect for all skin types. 

​Bluberry for normal/combination skin (not rosacea or sensitive skin).  Blueberries contain potent antioxidants for anti-aging.  With 1% glycolic and 1% salicylic, this enzyme provides a nice brightening exfoliation that will leave minimize pores and leave the skin feeling very soft.

Fruit Enzymes

Body Sculpting Day Spa

Adrienne Hunter Licensed Esthetician

Vanilla Clove Hydrating Mask 
All skin types
Benefits: Reduces fine lines and wrinkles, Calms, Moisturizes, Anti-aging

Strawberry Mint Mask 

For normal to oily skin.  This is a unique kaolin-based cream mask that absorbs oil, refines pores without hardening on the skin.  Great for normal and oily skin types.  Strawberry and spearmint are antifungal, antibacterial, and antiseptical and will draw out impurities and toxins.

Charcoal Refining Mask.  
Excellent for: Normal to oily skin, Acneic skin, Sluggish and problematic skin

Goji Berry Yogurt Mask
For normal to dry skin.  Goji Berry helps to firm and rebuild the skin by stimulating biosynthesis, fibroblast proliferation and by inhibiting MMPs.  Anti-aging results can be seen by the reduction of lines and wrinkles in addition to an improvement in the skin's elasticity. Yogurt moisturizes, smoothes and stimulates cellular regenenation.

The Marble Berry Nourishing Mask 

Nourish and firm the skin, resulting in a beautiful, healthy glow. The Marble Berry mask is an antioxidant-rich mask to treat and hydrate the skin. It will be a great anti-aging, nourishing facial.  Marble Berry is designed specifically for aging and parched skin. This unique purple cream mask has natural botanicals of olives and black rice bran which is sure to leave skin feeling and looking refreshed and healthy.