Biovisage Non-surgical face lift
(microcurrent facial)  
$115 single face treatment   45 min
Package of 3 $315 (SAVE $30)

Biogenie Biovisage combo 
2 Hr  $225

Biovisage Non-surgical Facelift 

Biogenie Body Contouring

Absolute Contraindications
The following conditions will prevent you from being able to receive a Biogenie body treatment and Biovisage face treatment.  You will need to seek the opinion of your family physcian and be cleared for treatment with a confirmed note from your provider we can keep on file.  
This information needs to updated yearly.
Acute Infections          TuberculosisActive           Benign or Maligment Tumors
Relative Contraindications
It is important you seek advice from your family physician if you have any of the following:
Kidney disease           Heart disease                   Asthma                   

Hyperthyroid               Pregnant                          Pacemaker

Vagotony (difficuity with quick pressure changes)
We can however proceed with treatment if have sought your physicians advice and received a written consent for treatment from your physician we can attach to your file. This authorization must be updated yearly.

Do you have visible signs of aging, lax skin, or stubborn fat that does not respond to diet or exercise?

Excess fat and fluid retention in the body create bulky masses of volume as well as cellulite. These overcharges of fat and fluid typically form into clusters and appear on various parts of the body such as buttocks, thighs, stomach, and the inner parts of legs and upper arms.
An effective, long term solution for targeting fat and diminishing cellulite in the human body must include a treatment method for dealing with both the fatty origin as well as the aqueous origin of cellulite that is where the power of Cellular Electro-Aesthetics is needed.

Harnessing the power of Cellular Electro-Aesthetics, Biogénie Body treatments deliver detoxifying micro-currents directly to cellular fluids and fat cells. Fats are emulsified, pumped out, and magnetically driven to the lymphatic system where it is filtered and permanently eliminated through natural means. Thus both the aqueous and fatty origins of cellulite are dealt with making the Biogénie Body Contouring System your best long term solution for non-surgical liposuction that will minimize volume, fluid retention, and cellulite or to lift, contour and define your silhouette.
The benefits from the Biogénie Body Treaments far exceed the most popular ~ inch loss & cellulite removal.  Clients have testified to stretch marks diminishing and eventually removed, increased circulation, enhanced energy levels, reduction in scar markings, and a multitude of anti-aging benefits. 
Biogénie Body Treatments reduce cellulite as well as tighten, tone and define the body ~ the latest tool and proven process for targeted volume loss and cellulite reduction.  Biogénie offers the most technologically advanced methods in reducing unwanted cellulite that lifts, tightens and firms ones silhouette.  Biogénie employs all natural products that restore nutrients into the skin that are lost thru aging, sun exposure and general environment.  These restoring products replenish the skins natural elasticity promoting healthy skin and shaping ones body to a more desired silhouette. 
The Biogénie Body Countouring System is the most technologically advanced method available today that effectively helps the body to eliminate overcharges of fat, fluids, and cellulite while toning, lifting and defining your silhouette. This is your best long-term solution to non-invasive cellulite removal. 

What’s the differance?
While many other body wraps and treatments may be beneficial in hiding cellulite or providing inch loss, results are temporary because only excess fluids (not fats) are extracted from around fat cells, thus cellulite is no longer able to float to the surface of the skin which is why it's appearance is diminished a a typical body wrap or treatment. However, once the body begins to accumulate and retain fluids again, the cellulite comes back out of hiding and floats back to the surface of the skin, and inch loss previously achieved disappears.

Body wraps can be beneficial forms of detoxification and toning; however, they are better utilized as short term maintenance treatments since they can only deal with the aqueous origin of cellulite and not the fatty origins of cellulite.
Recommended treatment plan depends on your goals and the health of your body.  We recommend a minimum of 3 treatments to see visible lasting results.  We recommend at least 6 treatments to achieve greater longer lasting results.  All results vary from person to person.  Hydration is a very important part of the process and we notice more inch loss on clients who are conscious of their daily water intake.  Please understand results are achieved through a cumulative process.  Once you achieve your desired results we recommend a monthly treatment to keep the body detoxified, helping to recharge those collagen and elastin cells keeping skin nourished and tight.

We recommend 1 treatment every week for 3 weeks followed by a monthly maintenance treatment for lasting results.  For more prominent damage we recommned a 6 week plan.  Please understand results vary from person to person but you will see results with just the first treatment.

Body Sculpting Day Spa

Adrienne Hunter Licensed Esthetician

Biogénie Body Contouring Treatments
​Full Body    $135    75 min         Package of 6 $720 ($90 savings)
Biogenie Biovisage combo

2 Hr  $225 

This remarkable French skin rejuvenation treatment is considered a non-surgical face lift and gives immediate, visible results to tighten and firm the face and neck, plump up deep lines and wrinkles, and restore the glow of younger-looking skin…after just one treatment…
This painless, non-invasive facial treatment is a popular alternative to cosmetic surgery in Europe and is now being offered for both men and women 
This treatment consists of a three-step process that combines low-frequency, low-intensity micro-currents with powerful botanical proteins and nutrients to detoxify, nourish and strengthen facial features, resulting in a more defined facial structure and smoother, toned skin. Its synergy of plant extracts and bio-electronic technology normalizes skin and restores its natural balance. Botanicals unclog pores as energy retrains your muscles to tighten sagging skin. A low-frequency, low-intensity current stimulates cells, gently replacing your body's natural current that decreases over time. Because BioVisage works on a cellular level, it is very effective in treating congested, acne-prone skin, fine lines, wrinkles, enlarged pores and broken capillaries, as well as dark circles under the eyes--with no discomfort or "down time."
During detoxification, soft sponges glide across your face, vibrating each cell to expel toxins. Skin is cleansed, re-hydrated and moisturized. During toning and sculpting, nutrition is delivered to the skin's deepest layers. Cellular rejuvenation tightens skin, diminishing unwanted wrinkles and blotchiness. Unhealthy cells resonate to match good ones. Then skin is lifted, and remodeled outlines are strengthened, to transform your face. The result is heightened, glowing skin with detoxification continuing for seven days!
Clinical studies have shown that after twenty days of treatment collagen production increases by 14 percent, elastin increases by 48 percent, and blood circulation increases by 38 percent. Scientists have also found that Microcurrent treatments trigger the body’s production of amino acids and ATP. Both of these accelerate cell repair and promote healthier cell production.

What it does:
-Stimulates and exercises 32 of the 53 muscles in the face.
-Visibly improves muscle tone in the face and neck to tighten and firm the skin.
-Increases cellular metabolism by increasing ATP (skin’s energy) making it very anti-aging
-Defines and lifts cheeks for the look of higher cheekbones
-Softens fine lines and wrinkles
-Increases collagen and elastin formation
-Improves circulation for more vibrant, glowing skin.
Most clients will notice a difference after the very first treatment. Other clients will notice it after 2-3 treatments. The important thing to realize is that the effect is cumulative. Your face will become tighter and more toned with each treatment.

Recommended Biogenie body after care:

It contains draining and powerful active marine ingredients to protect and regenerate elastin. it stimulates the synthesis of collagen by more than 200%; enhancing body firmness as well as skin texture.  For spot treatment, apply product to all problem areas.
                    150ml (5.02 oz) $80
                    250ml (8.4oz)  $125
This is a client favorite for greatest results.  Be reassured to receive your rafforga. We do not place holds on unpaid rafforga due to
the high demand of this product.

Post your BioVisage treatment we recommend
Biogenie Phytodemaq.

Specifically formulated to remove impurities and traces of make-up from face, eyes, and lips in one single gesture, it detoxifies and improves cell renewal simultaneously, making the skin feel relaxed and refreshed instantly. Alcohol Free.
                      200ml (6.8 oz) $40