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September is Skin Awareness Month!!

As amazing as it is the summer sun can really take a toll on your skin.  

September Tips

  • It is important to schedule a once a year check up with your dermatologist.  
  • Self exam

              Be sure to check your forearms, palms, hands, soles of your feet, and in-between your toes. You should also                                            check your scalp with a mirror. What should you be looking for? 

                       1, Any changes too existing moles or skin color. 
                       2. Melanoma is the most common skin cancer and you should look at your moles to be sure they are not                                                    asymmetrical, have raised borders, has various colors or is larger than 6 cm (roughly the size of a pencil                                                  eraser head).

  •  Schedule montlhy maintenance facials.  
  • Continue to use sunscreen all year long


Biogenie Body Treatment
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